How To


Please watch for helpful tips to ensure your Picto art turns out spectacularly.
(If you don’t watch, you may accidentally break something…)
Maximize the video on your screen, press play, and LET’S PICTO!!



:10 - In Your Kit / :32 What You Need (Not Included) / :40 - Peel Tape Off / 1:08 - Start Making (Picto Process) / 1:56 - Fabric With Pattern

2:24 - Double Layer Thin Fabrics / 2:53 - Lay Design Flat / 3:28 - Attach Design To Back Frame

MOST IMPORTANT: Lay the design flat on the table before trying to push any pieces in. This avoids potential breakage.

If your kit doesn’t have tape on the back, gently press the pieces out as they are attached with a tiny sliver of wood.

Helpful Hints…

Lay the wood flat on a table before pushing any piece in. This ensures that you will not break anything. If a piece doesn’t go in smoothly, don’t push it too hard. Make sure it’s the correct piece going in the correct way. DO NOT PUT IN ANY PIECES WHILE HOLDING THE DESIGN UP.

If a piece goes in too easily - Double layer the fabric! This helps ensure your piece doesn’t fall out. It’s also fun to see what different colors and textures can be created by layering the fabric.

Sometimes the laser cutting leaves some burn marks. Easily wipe these off with a damp cloth.

Make sure the front is the front! The front of the Kit has some engraving and a brighter whitewash look. Be sure to place it face down when putting fabrics in so the messy part stays on the back.

You may notice some imperfections in the wood. Specifically, knots & dark marks on the front and/or chips & deep knots on the back. These occur because the wood we use is real. Be careful as you pop the pieces around these imperfections on the back into place with fabric.

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