Can complete beginners do your kits?

1,000s have created their own masterpiece, and you can be next! Picto Kits are made for beginners as well as experts. Here’s some beginner-friendly things included in each kit:

  • A step-by-step video tutorial that shows you everything you need to Picto!

  • All the materials you need to create a Picto masterpiece (excluding scissors/hammer/screwdriver)

  • Our fail-proof method makes making a mistake impossible…

  • More video and photo tutorials at pictokits.com/how-to 

Can kids do your kits?

Our kits are made for kids 3+. Younger kids may need more guidance with cutting the fabric, etc. 

What comes with a kit?

Each standard kit comes with:

  1. ONE beautifully crafted, whitewashed laser-cut wooden design

  2. Custom curated complimentary color bundle of fabrics in a color of your choice

  3. Sturdy 1/2 inch natural wood frame to display your creation

  4. Fun fact story, positive affirmation & coloring sheet to add a personal touch

  5. Screws & sandpaper for easy assembly and ability to make over & over

  6. Plus, a special link to exclusive videos, images, and more…

  7. The ability to make it differently over & over.

Each basic kit comes with:

  1. ONE MDF 1/8th inch Wooden Design (7x9 inches).

  2. ONE Custom Curated Colorful Fabric Bundle (you choose the colors).

  3. The ability to make it differently over & over.

I'm a complete beginner. What kit is the best one to start with?

The Picto Process is the same for every kit, so once that is learned(which takes a few minutes), all the kits are the same difficulty. The only part that becomes more challenging are the size of the pieces.  We reccomend the basic kits if you want to test out the Picto Process.

How long does a kit take?

Everyone Pictos at a different speed. A kit can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

I'm giving a kit as a gift. Will my giftee have access to the tutorials?

Yep! The instructions to get tutorials will be on the the card that comes with their kit. No need to forward any emails.

How soon do your kits ship?

These are not mass-produced and able to ship at Amazon-speed. Myself & my husband do everything. We try to send orders out within 7 business days. But, we do make every kit to order, so sometimes it can be longer. We appreciate your patience!

What's your shipping policy?

We currently ship only to the US. And all order have free shipping.

What's your return policy?

For physical goods, you have 14 days to return it from the date you received it. Shipping costs are non-refundable, and you'll be responsible for return shipping. To start a return, you must email returns@pictokits.com

Read the full return policy here.