Learn more about crystals!

1. Crystals are made of pure crystalline geometric patterns...

(molecules that are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern) which makes them an excellent conductor of energy and vibration. This is also what differentiates them from other solid objects such as glass or stones. Their internal arrangement of molecules also determines a crystals chemical and physical properties including what color the crystal is. 

2. Our body is made of 70% water which is considered a "liquid crystal"...

so the human body itself is actually a crystalline structure that communicates extremely well with the energy and vibrations of other crystals it comes into contact with. 

3. All of the molecules in a crystal vibrate at the same rate, creating a powerful synchronization and a really stable frequency... 

that can't be thrown off balance. When the crystal experiences disharmony in its nearby environment, the energy of the crystal is so stable that it restores balance and absorbs any negative energy that it comes into contact with.

4. Crystals can be viewed as "external hard drives" because they are earthly materials that store "information".

This information within the crystal vibrates at a specific frequency and the crystal radiates that energy out into your body. By using crystals that have the right healing properties, aka the right information (e.g. Pyrite resonates with the frequency of money and wealth), the crystal's healing information is translated into your body to balance your energy and raise your vibration to that of abundance.

5. Each crystal has a slightly different geometric pattern and many of these geometric patterns can also be found within your cells, organs, and bodily systems.

For example, Rose Quartz is often used to open and heal the body's heart center as the crystal's geometric patterns resonate with the heart chakra and the frequency of love and purity.  This is the major energy center where you give and receive love so by wearing Rose Quartz on your body with the intention to heal unresolved heart issues and attract love into your life, you're using 3 powerful tools (crystal healing + intention setting + affirmation) to become a vibrational match to love.